From the Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to The Pitkin Review Fall 2021 Issue

Quintin HumphreY

It appears that the darkest moments of our lives, which started in March 2020 with the beginning of the lockdown from the Pandemic and climaxing with an event a nation and world, did not expect to witness on January 6, 2021, the storming of the United States Capitol Building. We must face a new reality that our world and lives have changed. We must vision a new tomorrow full of hope and inspiration for the power of the written word.

The theme of The Pitkin Review comes from the Goddard College MFAW program theme of the Spring 2021 Semester of Vision & Revision. As the journal’s editor-in-chief, my goal was to take the vision that our previous students have given us for the journal and revision the journal for a new world. Each Editor-in-Chief has a concept or idea of how she/he wants the Pitkin to look and feel. My idea from the start is to have pieces that create an image the moment you read the first word, sentence, line, or phrase. You, the reader, would be immediately swept into the world of the writer. 

Instead of separating each genre, I envision a new approach of bringing the genres together under three themes: Vision, Process, and Revision, which is what writers go through as they write. First, there is the story of what to write, second, the process of writing that story, and finally, the editing and rewriting the revision of the story. 

As I end my time at Goddard College, it has been an honor to be a part of the Goddard MFA community. The Pitkin Review is only possible by two important and vital resources, the students who volunteer their time to be on the staff and all the students who contribute their work to The Pitkin Review. I want to thank the Pitkin Staff and all the students for submitting pieces.

For everyone who has been published in this issue, I want to thank you for fulfilling my vision of The Pitkin Review because, without your words, courage, and spirit as writers, The Pitkin Review could not be revision for 2021.