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Spring 2022 — Resonant Fractals


Cover Art:  Reveal Yourself To Me by Linda G. Hatton




The Day I Became a Raven    SarahMae Afriam    HYBRID

O’Bluebird    Linda G. Hatton    POETRY

The Legend of Diarmud and Grainne    Megan Loomis    DRAMA

I KNOW NOTHING (For Sylvia Plath)    Jaz    POETRY

Who Am I?  Alicia Maria Smith    FICTION

Insidious Flowers    Tegan Bradley    POETRY

M.O.M.   Margie Stokely-Bronz    DRAMA

Falling Stars    Cynthia Sharp    POETRY

What Resembles a Grave, But Isn’t?    Fiona Blundell    POETRY

HISTORY (For Dr. Alena Maze)    Jaz    POETRY

The Memorial Tree    Diane Davis    DRAMA


On Chewing    Anna Kaehler    CREATIVE NONFICTION

Journey    Alicia Maria Smith    POETRY


Spring 2022 Staff:


 Maria Elizabeth Burns







Associate Editors:

Amy Landisman & Alaina Joleen


Submissions Editor

Anthea S. Brown

Production Design Editors

Brooklyn Baggett & Emma Berdanier


Lead Critical Commentary Editor

Astra Pierson

Critical Commentary Editors

Jack Cameron & Megan Loomis


Lead Drama Editor

Fiona Blundell

Drama Editors

Jackie Goldfinger, Linda G. Hatton, Yolanda King & Carleton Whaley


Lead Fiction Editor

Jonathan Arena

Fiction Editors

Yolanda King, Megan Loomis, Catherine Stewart & Donata Thomas


Lead Hybrid Editor

Fiona Blundell

Hybrid Editors

Linda G. Hatton & Kae Winter


Lead Nonfiction Editor

Alicia Smith

Nonfiction Editors

Emma Berdanier, Yolanda King, Suzanne LaFetra Collier & Astra Pierson


Lead Poetry Editor

Kae Winter

Poetry Editors

Robyn Brooks, Danielle Carroll, Diane Davis Steiker & Anna Kaehler


Lead Copy Editor

SarahMae Afriam

Copy Editors

Jaz & Carleton Whaley


Lead Visual Arts Editor

SarahMae Afriam

Visual Arts Editor

Margie Stokely-Bronz


Web Editor

Fiona Blundell

Social Media Editor

Anthea S. Brown