Spotlight Pieces

October 2021 – Online Exclusive

The Girl With The Universe In Her Eyes

by Alaina Joleen

That girl

That girl

Have you ever looked into her eyes?

Have you ever watched her watch

the world:

the forest green trees that touch the clouds 

the sea that expands and never seems to end; 

like my love for her;

the specks of light that float in the night sky;

the mother of all light;

the one that keeps us in the same place;

no matter how many 

trees and

seas and

skies between


If you look into her eyes

you’ll see all the things

that make up the universe


And when she speaks;

when she sings

the world heals a little

and when she screams

the whole world shakes

not because she is loud

not because she has no control

but because the sky cries 

when the earth needs water

She cries in screams because

the world needs to survive 

because if it doesn’t 

how can she?

how can we?


This girl 

This woman 

she is a sister

but she is so much more

She is a bird with 

no wings

but that won’t stop her

from flying 

all across the universe



Alaina Joleen is a Mexican-American social action writer. Her genre focus is fiction, but she also writes poetry and creative-nonfiction. Alaina writes to invoke change in the world.


Coming in November 2021 – Online Exclusive

Poetry by Maria Elizabeth Burns



Maria Elizabeth Burns is an actress and writer currently based in VA. She holds a BA in Theatre from The College of William and Mary and is currently obtaining her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Her work has been both published and performed. Storytelling in all forms is her passion.

Coming in December 2021 FROM THE JOURNAL

Fiction by Amy Landisman

Numina: A Prologue


Amy Landisman is a writer, teacher, and pensive Pisces based in Connecticut on the traditional homeland of the Paugussett. A former journalist and lifestyle columnist, Amy has forsaken nonfiction to conjure written hope from the flora and fauna around her.