Fall 2021


The Fall 2021 Pitkin Review is here! The poems of vision on the cover are below.

I see a rope with knots.
An owl. Violet and white prism.
Many moving light fields, auric patterns
trailing colors—pink, indigo, turquoise.
Quick-moving clouds with faces
appearing and dissipating in seconds. by SarahMae Afriam

Do you have one too;
a vision;
a blurry image of what’s to come;
the patterns and dances of words on a page;
they want to live;
they want to be found; by Alaina Joleen

There was a vision connecting and collecting us,
but the agreement became an argument.
We worried over our owned things. by Karen Bruce Lindsey

senryu – vision
slippery slope –
the distance between
her words by robyn brooks

A Korean American Sijo circa 2021
The neons blind, they seduce and sedate, they quell
The soil is poison and the iron cities are rotting
What do I know about the American landscape?
The people sing whispers of a harmonious tomorrow
by Heath Hyun Houghton

Yes, I do have one. 
A perfectionist streak. Thank
you for noticing.
by Maria Elizabeth Burns