The Pitkin Review– Things to Know

Port Townsend, Washington & Plainfield, Vermont

Published biannually in the Spring and Fall, The Pitkin Review is a literary journal produced by writers in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Goddard College who are currently enrolled at one of two campuses: Plainfield, Vermont and Port Townsend, Washington. The publication offers writers experience in submitting to and producing a literary journal and also serves as a showcase and standard of excellence in their writing. The Pitkin Review is a collaborative community of editors, writers, and graphic artists who volunteer their time to generate a quality publication.


The opinions expressed by contributors are solely those of the individual writer and do not reflect the opinions of Goddard College. The college is not responsible for damages of any kind of use, reference to, or reliance on information contained within this issue.

Rights Statement

First North American serial, electronic, and all other rights reserved. Copying, digital storage and retrieval, or transfer in any form not for personal reading is strictly prohibited.


Submissions to the Pitkin Review are limited to students enrolled in the MFA Writing Program at Goddard College. For information on the submission process and guidelines, contact


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