As a writer and teacher, I aim to be vulnerable. I want my students to take chances on the page. As writers, it is imperative that we create narratives that shake the body alive. I want my students to write about those events/images/memories/creations that must leave the body and find their way into the world. 

As a teacher, I will assist you in enhancing your writing voice by providing you with open and honest feedback designed to help you create a manuscript that leaves nothing unsaid. I will challenge you to sit with your words and see what rests behind the lines you create. I believe in listening first to your vision/journey/truth and then assisting you with insights/craft techniques and inspiration to guide you along your path.

As a writer, I am interested in how our experiences and observations shape the narrative(s) that we chose to explore. In my own work, I examine how music and film intersect with the body to bring forth poems and stories that connect us to the essence of what it means to be human.