November 2021 Online Exclusive – Maria Elizabeth Burns


by Maria Elizabeth Burns


              Did you know? That

Like the wind through outstretched fingers

The reasons to be are the

Reasons you, we…

                   I mean to say

The way you laugh sends cherry blossoms

           A-shiv-vv-ver like turning pages

My dearest—

                   Consider the mundane madness

Inherent in breathing.

Consider that all of us are here

                     To translate the unknown

Into bite-sized pieces.

Consider that when we touch

                               We are music in motion

Smiling through the moments we shimmer past


             we choose what to keep.


Maria Elizabeth Burns is an actress and writer currently based in VA. She holds a BA in Theatre from The College of William and Mary and is currently obtaining her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Her work has been both published and performed. Storytelling in all forms is her passion.