June 2022 Spotlight: At Work & Spring 2022 Residency

At Work by Margie Stokley-Bronz

Margie Stokley-Bronz (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and parent. She is a published playwright, painter, actor and filmmaker. She received her BFA from NYU and is currently pursuing her MFAW through Goddard College. When not writing, she runs a successful arts afterschool business, “Give it a go!” in Fairfield, CT. (www.giveitagoct.com) Thank you to her editor and father, Fredrick J. Stokley. Her commitment to write is sustained by the love of Ryan, August, and Tennessee.


Spring 2022 Residency



Three months ago

Wind-cracked earth

took my face

The lava laden fissures swallowed my pen

I looked no more for ink

to consume the metaphors of morning

I lived outside of my poetry

where breathing hurt

and my heart could no longer trust a good-bye

Where were my words?

Didn’t I promise myself

that as an artist I would use it all?

The dust, the deafness, the bones, the dysfunctions

Why couldn’t I construct meaning

from the in-between?

Why didn’t the Sonnets save me!

Why didn’t I bend my ear a little closer to the page?

When did I stop listening to the white spaces?

Oh, silly poet!

How did I forget that

birth is in the dark spaces of the womb?

And the black of a butterfly’s wing

is needed as much as the light of it?

See I was becoming

the poetry that you now hear

So I’m thankful for the wilderness

And for now being on the other side of the wind.


Jaz (aka Pamela Kareen-Banks) (she/her) is an award-winning published poet, singer, author, performance poet, actress and ASCAP member-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. She holds a BA in Theater from Temple University. Her poems are featured in multiple anthologies, literary magazines, and on internet podcast, and public radio. Jaz’s most recent publication was in the Moonstone Press Anthology “International Women’s Day 2022.” Jaz performs songs and poetry at open mics and featured performances. She loves nature, karaoke, french fries, and the Big Cats! She is inspired by storms and sunshine. Jaz is a vessel of Christ for ministry, whether on or off the stage.